Amer fort the royal architecture of jaipur

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Amer fort the royal architecture of jaipur


The Amer Fort, arranged in Amber, 11 kilometers from Jaipur, is a standout amongst the most popular fortresses of Rajasthan. Amer, initially, was the capital of the state before Jaipur. It is an old stronghold, worked in 1592 by Raja Man Singh. This fortification is additionally famously known as the Amer Palace.

The Amer Fort was implicit red sandstone and marble and the Maotha Lake adds a specific appeal to the whole Fort. Despite the fact that the fortress is very old and may even look so all things considered, it is excellent within and brags of different structures of noticeable quality like the ‘Diwan-i-Aam’, the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and even the ‘Sukh Mahal’.


History Of The Fort

Amer was once known as Dhundar and was administered by the Kachhwahas from the eleventh to the sixteenth century, until the capital was moved from here to Jaipur. Raja Man Singh constructed this fortress in 1592 AD and Raja Jai Sigh I extended and remodeled it later.

Structural Layout

The structure has four distinct parts, each with a different passageway. The primary passage to the post is through the ‘Suraj Pol’ or Sun Gate which opens up into the fundamental yard. This east-bound door is additionally the fundamental access to the castle and its position as for the rising sun is the wellspring of its name.The ‘Jaleb Chowk’ is one of the four patios of the Amer Palace. The ‘Sila Devi’ Temple is comfortable access to the primary castle grounds.

Close-by Tourist Attractions

  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Aravalli Hills
  • Vijay Garh

The Amer Fort/Palace is an excellent structure that was worked by Raja Man Sing in the sixteenth century. Bear in mind to look at the ‘Sheesh Mahal’, ‘Diwan-i-Aam’ and ‘Sukh Mahal’ moreover. The stronghold is a ten moment walk tough and your little trek will be justified regardless of the marvels that it offers. Try not to miss the imperial elephant ride while you are grinding away!

Visiting Hours : 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Contact No : 0141 253 0293

Entry Fee (In Indian Rupees):

  • Indian : Rs. 25.00  Student : 10
  • Foreigner : Rs. 200.00  Student : 100

Light Shows Timing (Onwords)

  • In English : 7.30 pm
    Entry Fee : Rs. 200.00
  • In Hindi : 8:00 PM
    Entry Fee : Rs. 100.00
  • Elephant Ride at Amber Palace for two persons Rs. 900/-

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